What modern video game level design can learn from Archaeolog


Before the modern concept Level Design, Architecture and Interior Design, people used to build their own environments based on countless different settings, resources, and philosophies. Different situations, challenges, limitations, and ambitions led humanity to generate many different paradigms and solution inside their living spaces, in domestic, public and sacred contexts. Most of this solutions are today forgotten, so let's scratch the surface to analyze how Archaeology can help us finding new-old ways to interpret the space inside our productions.

Language: English

Level: Intermediate

Tommaso Bonanni

CEO - Caracal Games

Founder & CEO at Caracal Games, he's the mind behind the awards-winning indie game Downward, very first ambitious project for him and his team. Tommaso got a Master's degree cum laude in Archaeology in 2016 and during the same year he started moving his first steps in the video game industry. His first passion is the Level Design, which he teaches today in some of the most important academies in Italy. He's currently working on his next announced title, OkunoKa coming in 2018 for Nintendo Switch.

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