Fun With Service Workers


Service Workers have given modern web applications tremendous power. They are most known for allowing apps to serve content offline and provide native-like functionality, such as receiving push notifications, but they can do so much more! In this talk, we'll explore some less talked about but exciting uses of Service Workers, such as polyfilling new file formats, transpiling code at load-time, and even doing streaming, data-processing off the main thread with other workers.

Language: English

Level: Advanced

Trent Willis

Senior UI Engineer - Netflix

Trent Willis is a Senior UI Engineer at Netflix, where he builds tools and applications to give other engineers insight into their products. He previously worked at LinkedIn and Grooveshark where he helped build products that were used by millions of daily users. Additionally, he is the project lead for the QUnit JavaScript testing framework, a frequent contributor to various Open Source projects, and a self-professed music junkie.

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