Making Enterprise Virtual Reality a Practical Reality


Virtual Reality is set to be one of the most disruptive technologies. Whether you work in Gaming, Construction, Financial Services or even for a Formula1 team, chances are you will be working with VR in the very near future. But current VR architectures are not practical for the Enterprise. So how do you go about building an Enterprise VR platform? How do you deliver solutions like Nvidia Holodeck, integrate with Google Hangouts, leverage infrastructure as code for a consistent user experience? In the session, you’ll get a glimpse at the VR Platform Cisco is building with our partner eBB3

Language: English

Level: Beginner

Roger Dickinson

Developer Evangelist - Cisco

Roger Dickinson is a Developer Evangelist working with application and infrastructure developers to leverage the value of their Cisco software and hardware solutions from APIs to APM, routers to mixed reality, servers to service mesh, and more. His specialties include Cloud, Programmable Infrastructure, Software Defined X, OpenSource, Containers and APIs. Outside tech he defines himself a poor CrossFitter but a most excellent Cartoonist and Animator. See for an informative yet fun take on the world of IT.

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