Keep calm and automate your mobile pipeline


DevOps for the backend is easy, there are a lot of tools to do it, but what about mobile apps? We have successfully implemented an automated pipeline to build, test and deploy 3 different native applications for both iOS and Android. We also handle different signing certificates and provisioning profiles, multiple environments, custom JIRA integration and testers engagement. We will show you our approach with a complete working solution that we use every day.

Language: English

Level: Intermediate

Claudia Foglieni

Mobile Lead Architect - Sisal S.p.A.

Lead Architect for Mobile Native Application, on Android and iOS operating system. Specialized in digital payments on every device for an omni channel solution. The main focus is a customer journey fast, smooth and seamless. Co-Author of "Retrieving Sensors Data in Smart Buildings Through Services: A Similarity Algorithm" presented at ICSOC Workshops 2014.

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Fabrizio Brancati

iOS Team Lead - Telepass S.p.A.

A lifelong learner, automation enthusiast, DevOps lover and Mobile Architect with an eye on design. I have been developing for iOS since iPhone OS 3, I have started with Objective-C and then moved to Swift since version 1.2. I also tried a lot of technologies like JavaScript, PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS for web development and Java, Kotlin and Cordova for mobile apps.

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