Fully automated UV unwrapping: Making an algorithm think like an artist.


UV unwrapping, the task of taking a 3D model and wrapping a image around it, is a difficult and labor intensive process for 3D artists. For years researchers has struggled to come up with an automated solution for this problem. In this talk Eskil Steenberg, will talk about how he has worked to finally create a working solution, by writing code that emulates how artists think. Beyond being of huge value to 3D graphics artists working in Film, VR and video games this works, also challenges we think of software design.

Language: English

Level: Intermediate

Eskil Steenberg

Head of R&D - Intel

Eskil Steenberg is an independent researcher and developer running his very own little "Xerox PARC", "Lucasfilm R&D" or "Skunk Works". The main areas of research are graphics, interface design, networking, game design, film and society in general. Eskil have given talks and consulted at places like: GDC, Siggraph, GDCE, FITC, The blender conference, Eurographics, Blizzard, EA, Sony, Sony Imageworks, ILM, Media molecule, Google, Pixar, CAA, BBC, Autodesk, SideFX, The Foundry and many more. Much of the work is opensource, but Eskil alos sells software and does work for hire.

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