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Milano Chatbots è una community aperta a tutti: sviluppatori, utilizzatori, creativi, imprenditori Presentiamo due talk: • Travelchat: una guida di viaggio su Messenger. È un chatbot Messenger per viaggiatori. Tante guide di viaggio scritte da esperti del posto, per brevi soggiorni, ricche di contenuti e semplici da usare. • Il chat center. Quando il bot non capisce interviene un essere umano. Si dimostra un servizio che gli fornisce gli strumenti necessari a portare a buon fine la conversazione.

Language: Italian

Level: Beginner

Paolo Montrasio

owner - Connettiva

Developer since the 80s, architect and project manager in the 90s and early 00s, back to software design and development in the last 10 years. Many technologies under the belt, such as C, Perl, HTML/CSS, Java, JavaScript, Ruby on Rails. Doing some work with Elixir and Phoenix lately, plus some AWS Lambda and chatbots. Owner of

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Valentino Spataro

founder - IusOnDemand srl

Founder of IusOnDemand srl in 2004, develops software since 1986, since 1996 web solutions, native apps, chatbots and Alexa. Speaker about privacy, ecommerce, cryptos, agreements and the internet, since 1995.

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Alessandro Frau

Founder - Travelchat

I am a technology enthusiast with a passion for traveling, on a quest to build the ultimate chatbot for travelers: Travelchat. I am also currently working as account executive at LinkedIn and previously at Amazon. I hold a MSc degree in economics and a bachelor’s degree in finance.

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Giorgio Sidari

Software engineer - Freelance

Software engineer, helping SMEs and startups (re)structure their processes and develop systems that support them: management systems, web&mobile apps, BI tools, chatbots, ranging from privacy-focused on-premise installations of tailored open source software to highly scalable cloud based products.

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