Blockchain Education Network Italia


BEN Italy was founded in 2014, today has more than 840 members from all over Italy and has as its purpose the dissemination of knowledge on Bitcoin and Blockchain through education and project development. This meetup will be focused on RGB: there is growing interest for digital assets representing a proxy for securities, utilities or collectibles. Traditional ways to issue and transfer tokens are usually slow, inefficient, and present a lot of friction. The RGB project aims at developing a new solution to issue generic assets on the Bitcoin blockchain in a more private and scalable way.

Language: English

Level: Intermediate

Alekos Filini

Developer - BHB Network

Bitcoin enthusiast, passionate about coding and cryptography. Currently working on open source projects to push the Bitcoin space forward!

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Cecilia De Martino

rappresentante locale - Blockchainedu

I am a 21 years old Italian student. I have completed a bachelor's degree in Economics and Management at the Catholic University of Milan where now I am attending a Master's Degree in Management. Dealing with my background, I have worked in Spain for a real estate company. Moreover, from April 2018 until July 2018 I have worked for a company that operates in the corporate finance sector.

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