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PyMI: siamo un gruppo di Sviluppatrici, Sviluppatori, Appassionati e Appassionate di Python a Milano. Mediamente ci incontriamo una volta al mese in Mikamai/LinkMe. Abbiamo degli eventi ricorrenti e molto apprezzati: "Pillole di Python" e "PyBirra"... e prossimamente "PyCotoletta"! Stay Tuned! Agenda: * Presentazione del gruppo * Pillole di Python #5: ** Django Flying Spaghetti Monster ** Test & Bushido

Language: Italian

Level: Beginner

Christian Strappazzon

IT Specialist - GS1 Italy

I'm not the dev every team needs, but I'm the dev every team deserves. Perhaps I'm not the most productive programmer out there, but you sure contribute to increasing the team's overall productivity (I'm likely still more productive than most though). I'm often learning about new things, asking the right questions and getting everyone up to speed. I'm usually the person junior devs look up to and everyone likes working with. Any team is lucky having me! Last but not least I'm dad and family addicted.

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Pietro Brunetti

Fullstack Developer - Euclidea

For a long time I was a sort of monstrous hybrid between a biologist and someone that loves computer science. Now I am Full Stack Developer @ Euclidea, an amazing FinTech. My favorite language is Python, that it is coziest language in the word. I love to learn and take experiments with any other programming languages.

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Lorenzo Mele

Senior Python Developer - CloudAcademy

Pythonista from Milan

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