Is your project scaling right? The BEE case study


Your software works well, users are flowing, everything is great: but is your project really built to scale? And what about your technical infrastructure, the technology you use, and - of course - your team? In this talk we present the case study of our embeddable email editor BEE, in its journey from being a small startup within the MailUp Group to becoming an industry-leading platform: choices, hurdles, solutions.

Language: English

Level: Intermediate

Matteo Santagata

Senior Frontend Developer - MailUp Group

Matteo is a senior frontend developer at BEE, the embeddable email editor part of the MailUp Group. He's into the digital world since 1999, and since then he has followed all of its evolutionary steps: first as a freelance contractor for leading communication agencies, then as an entrepreneur. In 2013 his team wins the DPixel/Banca Sella startup competition with the "Mubilo" project. In early 2017 he co-founds MailCult, a drag and drop email editor that is acquired by the MailUp Group later that year. When he's not at his Mac, you could see him on some stage singing or playing guitar.

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Michele Cappellini

CIO - MailUp Group

Graduate in Computer Engineering, he joined IT world in the early 2000s working in Italian enterprise companies. In 2011 he joined MailUp where he grew professionally until becoming CIO of the group in 2017.

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