Can a robot be a Shop Assistant or a Butler?


Oggi con IBM Watson è molto facile istruire una rete neurale su dati riguardanti diverse tematiche. In questo talk parliamo di Machine Learning e mostriamo come, partendo da dati grezzi di un caso reale, è possibile istruire un servizio che ci dia consigli su cosa può essere di nostro interesse in un negozio di articoli sportivi. Se a questo aggiungiamo una simpatica interfaccia, con poco lavoro sarà possibile avere un maggiordomo casalingo in grado assistere alle nostre attività giornaliere, conoscendo la nostra routine.

Language: Italian

Level: Intermediate

Ferdinando Gorga

Watson Cloud & Data Platform Specialist - IBM

Software Engineering Specialist- Technical Sales Representative - Courses teacher for customers and Universities - IBM Cloud and Watson data solution architect. Evangelist for IBM Cloud and Watson solutions.His best skill is the ability to explain solutions' value as Technical Representative and to articulate a value proposition to solve business and technical problems.He works with energy in team and is able to manage complex situations. He is writer and speaker in conferences and seminars in the university context. He likes traveling, motorbikes, sailboats, sports and nature in general.

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Davide Fazzone

Cloud Foundry Service Security Team - IBM

An enterprising young engineer full of desire to enhance my professional skills, also thanks to an high capacity to be among people. I'm working in Security field but I'm a technology enthusiast since I was 4 and I want to keep learning/exploring everyday.

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NAO Robot

Robot - IBM

NAO-Robot A robot character made up of a multitude of sensors, motors and software piloted by a made-to-measure operating system: NAOqi OS.

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Alessandro Ghezzi

Software Engineer - IBM

Experienced IBM IT developer with strong international background. Effective problem solver with good analytical skills. Able to manage and drive change.

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