Smart City, Mixed Reality, Self-Driving Cars & Neural Contents: the AI r-evolution


The study of the human brain is thousands of years old. With the advent of modern electronics, it was natural to try to harness the thinking process. The first step toward artificial neural networks came in 1943 when McCulloch and Pitts defined how neurons might work. They modeled a simple neural network with electrical circuits. Here the proto-AI age started. 70 years later we entered in the second neural age: self-driving cars, mixed-reality, virtual reality and photo-realistic neural contents. Are you ready for the AI r-Evolution?

Language: Italian

Level: Intermediate

Alessandro Ferrari

Founder & CEO - ARGO Vision

I was born in Milan (Italy) in 1983 and I studied Digital Communication and Computer Science at University of Milan. My professional carrier started in 2009 as developer. In 2012-2016 head of R&D in computer vision and freelance for several companies. Starting from May 2016 as Founder & CEO of ARGO Vision. My specialty is generating highly novel theoretical/experimental ideas in a several scientific discipline and designing complex products or process. Deep knowledge and proven results in computer vision applied to different marketplaces (AI, AR, Smart City, Digital Marketing, etc.).

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