The Curious Case of Android Button


We interact with buttons every day to get coffee, order pizza, or start a Gradle build. They may look simple and straightforward, but they have a fundamental role in our environment: create a sense of power. We all love to feel empowered and we all hate being frustrated by bad design. Your users know this as well, they want to feel rewarded when they interact with your UI, and they will quickly drop your app if they get annoyed. At Yelp, we get tens of millions button clicks a day. In this talk, we will provide a deep dive into the Android framework to understand how buttons are rendered.

Language: English

Level: Intermediate

Nicola Corti

Android Engineer - Yelp Inc.

Nicola Corti has been an Android Software Engineer since 2.2, and a Free and Open Source lover for as long as he remembers. He’s currently working as an Android Engineer at Yelp Inc, connecting millions of users with great local businesses worldwide. Nicola usually calls himself a 'community addict’. He can't survive without learning every day, sharing knowledge, and having fun with other developers. He’s also currently managing the GDG chapter in Pisa. In his free time, he also loves photography, hiking, and cake design.

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