Going Frameworkless in the Backend


We developers are always looking for ways to be more productive. But what if I told you... that you could be way more productive without frameworks? A frameworkless (micro)service can take less time to write, can be just about as short and it will boot in under a second. And it's more fun!. All it takes is to know how: I'll show you the code (Java). And we'll say goodbye to the time spent on stack overflow, looking for framework answers: the answers will be in our own code. The techniques I show were tested in real projects, for real customers, with a tight deadline.

Language: English

Level: Intermediate

Matteo Vaccari

Developer - ThoughtWorks

I improve the way organizations invent, produce and deliver software. I enjoy delivering software faster and better, exceeding the expectations of the customer. The tools I use are well known, but not that easy to apply in practice: Extreme Programming, TDD, Scrum, Lean Thinking. I work for ThoughtWorks Italia.

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