Breaking down barriers to inclusion: how ThoughtWorks UK exceeded 40% women and non-binary people in tech roles


Diversity challenges faced in the tech industry have long been a topic of conversation, but how do we move beyond that to see positive results? ThoughWorks is a global tech consultancy, committed to tackling inequality and working hard to drive positive social change. Find out how we exceeded 40% women and non-binary people in tech roles against an industry standard of 17% by hearing about our diversity and inclusion journey in the UK. This talk will share practical tips and actionable outcomes that will help make tech a more inclusive place for everyone.

Language: English

Level: Non technical / For everyone

Amy Lynch

Head of Diversity & Inclusion (UK) - ThoughtWorks

Amy has been working with technology teams and organisations for a decade, with a background spanning recruitment, sales and marketing. Passionate about equality and tackling injustice, she currently heads up diversity & inclusion for Thoughtworks, a global technology consultancy, working to make the tech industry a better place for all.

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