Why Ethereum and other blockchains are going to Proof of Stake?


Why do they want to leave Proof of Work? Which problems do they want to solve? Is PoS more or less democratic than PoW? Why is introducing PoS hard and risky? After a clear explanation of Pow and poS as general solution to bizantina problem in distributed trust less p2p systems, we will try to explore these themes giving something to reflect and hints to answer these question yourself.

Language: English

Level: Intermediate

Stefano Maestri

Principal Software Engineer - Red Hat

Principal Software Engineer at RedHat with decades of experience developing distributed system in Java. My Job is currently focused on JEE server development and micro services My interests are wider and always oriented to new technologies like IoT and blockchains. I'm leading JBoss IronJacamar (RedHat's JCA implementation) and Vert.X JCA module. Active member and committer of various WildFly and JBEAP related projects.

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