VR & Gamedev Showcase

Virtual Escape Room: Lost Connection


Become an investigate officer for a while in the Virtual Escape Room provided by IBM! If you want to challenge yourself with this virtual reality game that integrates IBM Cloud Visual Recognition and Watson Assistant services, write to erminia_nicoletti@it.ibm.com including name, surname, email and preferable time slot.



THE EDGE – Be Brave: an immersive Virtual Reality experience that puts the player in a virtual ambient. You’ll be at the centre of an incredible challenge, testing your survival skills and breaking your own limits. A breathtaking adventure, set in a rocky mountains environment, with an incedible level of VR graphic detail and surrounded by a crystal clear binaural audio.

Uqido will provide VR headsets, backpack PCs and some specific custom hardware devices to obtain a level never seen before of immersion and emotion for the players. Sight, touch, smell, and sound, a new interactive attraction that will blow up your mind! Reserve your spot here.

Beyond The Sky

Iperurania Arts

In Beyond the Sky, your goal will be to help Selene, a  young woman who gets lost in a dark forest full of mysteries, in following her dream to reach the moon. Only by learning to look everything from the right perspective will she finally be able to defeat her deepest fears and realize her wish.  Exploration of this world is a very important component of the game and is dealt with in a unique way. Selene, guided by the player, will be able to interact with things in a very peculiar fashion to uncover their mysteries. For example, when the action “observe” is used, Selene is not limited to describing what she sees, but instead will try to see beyond the veil of appearances to discover the real nature of what lies before her. As the game progresses, Selene will gain self-confidence and she’ll be able to achieve new actions that will help her better understand the world around her.



Industry 4.0 is a name given to the current trend of automation and data exchange in manufacturing technologies. It includes new technologies such as cyber-physical systems, Internet of things, cloud and cognitive computing. Industry 4.0 is commonly referred to as the fourth industrial revolution because of the gradual combination of traditional manufacturing and industrial practices with the increasingly technological world around us.   One of the key concept of the new Industry 4.0 is the SMART PRODUCTION: new intelligent technologies add a “Brain” and “Voice” to the traditional machineries and empower a new generation of workman. VR/MR can be used to facilitate advanced training of workman with a new inclusive and simplified approach. There are different faces that can be accomplish with our TraIND40: – Virtual individual training The trainee lives an individual VR experience, with the support of a Virtual Teacher, who guides him through exploration of the machinery, the procedures of ordinary maintenance and the checklist of the operations to do for discovering the problems and resolving them. – Virtual individual assessment In this phase the trainee is in the VR experience without the support of the Virtual Teacher and he is asked to perform the procedures learned, in different scenarios, according to typical uses cases such as execute a cleaning procedure or identify the machine problem in a fault simulation scenario. The trainee will receive a score, depending on the correctness of each procedure and the time spent on it. – Live shared class The VR Experience can be shared between more trainees who can connect to the VR Shared class, each one with his VR device. In the class one person is the teacher (with a VR device) who can interact during the training on the virtual model, while the class can see what he’s doing.



Tiny Bull Studios

Blind is a psychological thriller for Virtual Reality. You play as Jean, a young woman who wakes up in a weird house after a car accident, suddenly blind. Thanks to a newfound power of echolocation, she’s able to perceive the environment around her with sound, using a cane’s sound waves like a sonar. Her goal is to escape this mysterious manor, trying to figure out why she’s there and who is the creepy character that moves around the house, but she will soon find out that this prison is not what it looks like.


Omen Exitio: Plague

Tiny Bull Studios

Omen Exitio: Plague is inspired by the gamebooks of the ’80s and ’90s, mixing the alien and horrifying universe created by H.P. Lovecraft with an original plot and characters, all guided by your choices, which will lead the protagonist of the story through the labyrinthine mystery represented by a terrible disease and the shadows that lie behind it.
Zanzibar, 1896. Dr. Jake Huntington enlisted in the army to forget the loss of his wife. Yet something sinister and ancient is about to overturn his life forever. Shadows that inhabit the confines of reality seem to converge all in one point: a terrifying disease that threatens to exterminate the entire human race.
However, the disease is just one of the pieces that make up a vast mosaic, and discovering its design may not be that easy. Intrigues, machinations and subterfuges hide the truth, tearing it away from the doctor’s understanding.To connect all the dots, Jake will have to cross a threshold beyond which many before him have lost the way of reason.
Are you willing to open this door?


Timothy and the Mysterious Forest

Kibou Entertainment

This is not your ordinary fairytale. Prepare to die.
~~ THE STORY ~~  Timothy’s grandfather is ill and he’s going to die.  The magical mushroom is able to heal any wound and illness.  But the magical mushroom only grows into the dangerous and unknown Mysterious Forest.  Timothy starts his journey to find the mushroom and save his grandfather: he did not know what tremendous dangers he would face.  Will he be able to come back alive?
~~ THE GAME ~~ Timothy and the Mysterious Forest has been defined “a Soulslike-Game Boy experience” by beta testers. The game it’s challenging and unforgiving, nostalgic at the beginning and increasingly scary as the player proceeds. No one has ever came back from the Mysterious Forest. Are you ready for this challenge?  – 2 hours of gameplay – A twisted fairytale with plot-twists – Game Boy feeling with scanlines and 4:3 ratio.


Blood Opera Crescendo

Kibou Entertainment

Blood Opera Crescendo is an adventure game in a 18th century setting and built using RPG Maker MV tool. Following the steps of the former orchestra director and skilled composer Heinrich Steiner, the player will uncover the secret behind a bloody trail of terrifying murders. Available in English and Italian.


Fly Punch Boom!

Jollypunch Games

FLY PUNCH BOOM! is a wild anime fighter with huge destructible levels full of unique stage kills. It’s everything you’ve seen in your favorite anime fights: fly fast and smash your friends through buildings till the Earth explodes! Ram skyscrapers, whales and asteroids into their face, chase them and unleash over-the-top super moves.

Way of the Sinner


Way of the Sinner is a fast-paced Hack’n slash game that features tons of action and violence, set in an alternate Far West with samurai instead of cowboys. Fighters can lose their limbs in combat and can die in spectacular fatalities. The art direction focuses on silhouettes with vivid color shades.

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